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"ZFS on Linux: storage beyond volume management and RAID (Wouter Verhelst)"

ZFS on Linux: storage beyond volume management and RAID (Wouter Verhelst)

The ZFS filesystem, originally written for Solaris and released under the CDDL, is an advanced filesystem that has been ported to a number of operating systems, including Linux. It has a number of advanced features, aimed at improving performance and reliability of the system.

With OpenZFS and zfsonlinux, it is possible to run a ZFS-based system on most Linux distributions. We will explain how ZFS works, touch on a number of pitfalls that one might fall into when trying to set up a ZFS-based system, and how to avoid them.

Wouter Verhelst

Wouter has been active as a self-employed small business Linux consultant for the past fifteen years. He has been running a number of ZFS-based servers since about five years now.

Twitter : @wouter_verhelst