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Tesla Hacking (Jasper Nuyens)

TeslaHacking (Jasper Nuyens)

In this talk, we will look in detail at the embedded Linux systems in every Tesla Model X and S.
We explain how to access the internal network, what we can access and what we consider 'fair use'.
We hope this inspires other people to do creative and fun things with their cars in a safe and responsible manner.
And that it inspires other car manufacturers to make their vehicles more hacking-friendly.

Jasper Nuyens

Jasper Nuyens is the founder of Linux Belgium, a for-profit organisation promoting Linux in Belgium and selling Linux training, consultancy and support.
He was one of these people who was there when the Internet was still an unknown term and written with a capital I. And who started using and promoting Linux in the very early days. He had lots of fun with Linux since the early nineties and likes to explore and test technology.

Twitter : @username

He created most of the 15 courses of Linux Belgium and is the author of the book: 'Linux C Programming'.
He is professionally working with Linux in the Operations and Embedded world since 1998. He likes to be challenged with troubleshooting difficult to resolve Linux problems. In early 2017 he bought a Tesla Model X. One of the reasons was that it runs on Linux. And because he saw what global warming does to the Iceland glaciers. And because he likes the Falcon Wing Doors.

In the summer of 2017, he organised Tesla Hacking at SHA2017.
What will be next?

Twitter : @redstar66