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Relax-and-Recover Automated testing (Gratien D'haese)

Relax-and-Recover Automated testing (Gratien D'haese)

elax-and-Recover Automated Testing is a sub-project of Relax-and-Recover to perform fully automated recovery tests without human intervention. This way we can quickly verify every unstable release and test each commit as soon as it fits us.
Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) is a bare metal Disaster Recovery tool that can save you hours (and sometimes days) to recover a system from scratch in case of failure. However, for us developers before making a new release it is a real nightmare to test all the different Linux distributions in combination with all the known workflows that ReaR provides. It used to be a manual process of testing the recovery, but we managed to automate the whole process for some workflows. The testing frame-work itself is build around Ansible, Vagrant, KVM or Oracle VirtualBox, inspec and our own scripts and templates. We will explain the internals of how we do automated testing and we will give a live demo as well.

Gratien D'haese

Gratien D'haese is a Belgian independent IT Consultant who is already 28 years active in the Unix world (and with Linux since its invention in 1991). Gratien is quite active in the Unix/Linux Open Source world and is giving talks around various topics since the days of the Belgian UNIX Users Group and other organizations promoting Unix/Linux and the Open Source movement. On occasions he talks about his projects on conferences, such as at Fosdem, LinuxTag, T-Dose, and Loadays with talks around Relax-and-Recover, IPv6, adhocr. Gratien is the co-founder and main designer of Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) together with Schlomo Schapiro (from Germany). Gratien is also involved with other Open Source projects, such as "Relax-and-Recover Automated testing", upgrade-ux, WBEMextras, adhocr, Config2HTML, SANmigration, mkcdrec.

Twitter : @gratiendh