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Lan Party using Open Source tools (Christophe Vanlancker)

Lan Party using Open Source tools (Christophe Vanlancker)

In the 90s, Local Area Network parties started to explode thanks to the release of multi-player games like Quake. People gathered around bringing their bulky PCs with even more bulky CRT screens and hooked them up to the network playing games hosted on one of the player's systems.

Fast forward today, even though they are still called Lan Parties, many games these days require a fast Internet connection to reach the game servers hosted online and the demands are a lot higher.

Depending on the size of the Lan Party, you have enough with a simple router with enough ports, or just add a switch to the mix.

But what if you're starting to get more serious? What if you are hosting 20, 80, 180 or more players? Network resilience becomes very important, traffic shapping and filtering helps you prioritize traffic and caching games help you keep better control of the quality and reactiveness of your network.

This presentation will cover the basics you need to build your own Lan Party gateway server as well as some tips and pitfalls using Open Source tools.

Christophe Vanlancker

Open Source consultant at Inuits. Has been helping to build and organize Lan Parties since University. Currently network crew member of Zanzilan ( 125 gamers per year ).

Twitter : @Carroarmato0