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MySQL Fabric and MySQL Cluster ... how to scale beyond the limits


In this presentation we highlight two different ways for scaling MySQL- MySQL Fabric and MySQL Cluster. MySQL Cluster provides In-memory Real-Time Performance and provides 99,999% High Availability for applications demanding high levels of write scalability, availability and real-time performance. MySQL Cluster is an ongoing MySQL development for over a decade with many releases and was just refreshed in spring 2015 with the new version MySQL Cluster 7.4. But this is not the only way of providing MySQL for high scaling demands - Since the introduction of MySQL Fabric in 2014 there's a new way of providing 'scaling' in combination with 'high availability' based on the InnoDB Storage Engine. We are highlighting both architectures and differences during this presentation.


Carsten works as a 'Technical Sales Consultant' at Oracle for the LVM department which covers Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle MySQL. He supports customers in EMEA with a product focus on the MySQL product suite including MySQL Cluster in the architecture and design phase during POCs. He focuses on tools and functions to operate MySQL in a secure and efficient way. Before working for the MySQL group, he worked for Sun Microsystems and covered VDI / SBC products.