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Use MySQL? Got a Question? JOIN!


Everybody using MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Server, willing or forced to, this is for you!

  • I want to achieve High Availability, but I don't know how?
  • Is your query cache higher than 128MB?
  • How can I scale MySQL?
  • Do you think MyISAM is faster than InnoDB? (I'm not saying you are wrong!)
  • Do you have performance problems and you don't know how to find the cause?
  • Do you think that MySQL is not a serious database?
  • Want to get more insight in this black box?
  • Do you think MySQL is not a transactional database?

Anything you want, feel free to ask and we'll discuss during this session, for as long as you want and as indepth as you want.


Kenny is currently Principal Architect at Percona.