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Jenkins as a SysAdmin tool (Fabian Arrotin)

Jenkins as a SysAdmin tool (Fabian Arrotin)

In this talk, we'll cover why using Jenkins as a SysAdmin can make sense, especially if you already use it for CI/testing in your organization (and even if you don't !). We'll also see how we can use it to drive Ansible and the possible notifications , and how to scale Ansible execution for larger environments with multiple Jenkins slaves.

Fabian Arrotin

Fabian discovered (seriously) Linux in 1998 (his first "attempt" was a Slackware) with a RHL 5.2 install and tested several distributions but he always went back to Red Hat. When they decided to split between RHEL and Fedora core, he couldn't support the cost of an Enterprise Linux distro for his personal needs ( on his workstations and servers ). He then found the CentOS Project and quickly tried to be part of that community.^ Current involvment within the CentOS project includes :

  • Governance Board member
  • QA team member/coordinator
  • Infrastructure team member

Twitter : @arrfab