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Open Source Monitoring with Icinga


Most sys admins have a love-hate relationship with Icinga/Nagios based monitoring solutions. Utilitarian and backed by a sizable community, users have learned to live with shortcomings in scaling, configuration and integration with tools common to modern architecture.

After tiring of fiddly hacks and convoluted configs, the Icinga team decided to build a new, accessible and flexible core. Icinga 2 was born – infinitely and easily scalable, even as a cluster-ready solution, with load balancing, automated replication and business process monitoring out of the box.

This talk will present Icinga 2’s innovative multi-threaded architecture and explain how it allows countless clusters of monitoring instances to run at speeds as yet unseen, all while minimizing maintenance. It will demonstrate how popular tools such as Graphite, Logstash and Puppet integrate better and easier than ever before. In addition to that we’ll introduce the new Icinga Web 2 interface and give a brief introduction into the technical architecture. A live demo will follow and well as a look into development plans to come.


Bernd Erk, is co-founder and project organiser of the Icinga project that has been busy improving the forked Nagios code base since 2009.

In his day job as Managing Director of NETWAYS he overseas success and smooth operation of all customer projects and business processes. His technical expertise stretches across Systems Management, Managed Services and Software Development. A contributor to Linux Magazine and Linux Technical Review in Germany, Bernd regularly publishes articles and presents on open source topics ranging across monitoring, virtualization, databases and performance tuning among others.