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Using Gluster for your Storage Workloads (Niels de Vos)

Using Gluster for your Storage Workloads (Niels de Vos)

Many applications and services require persistent storage. This is true for almost all deployments, be it in containers, VMs or on bare-metal. Gluster is a distributed filesystem that can be consumed in many different ways. Depending on the storage requirements, Gluster is be able to offer a high-available solution for the vast majority of workloads. During this talk, Niels will describe the basic functionaries of Gluster, and describe why certain configurations are more appropriate than others.

This talk is expected to be of interest for anyone that need fault tolerant, high available storage for 'standard' network shares, Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs) in Kubernetes/OpenShift or even Virtual Machine disk images.

Niels de Vos

Niels is a core-developer and maintainer for Gluster. He is employed by Red Hat and works together with other teams who provide professional support for Red Hat Gluster Storage. The current main area where Niels is contributing to is improving Gluster support in and for containers. Earlier Niels was mostly working on network protocols, low-level/Operating Systems enhancements and integration with other Open Source projects like NFS-Ganesha.

When Niels is not hacking on Open Source software, you are most likely to find him on a squash court or cycling around in the area near Amsterdam where he lives.

Twitter: @nixpanic