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GDPR for Nerds (Frank Louwers)

GDPR for Nerds (Frank Louwers)

The GDPR will improve the privacy off all EU citizens. If you don't install the right tool VendorX is trying to sell you, you'll risk a 20 million euro fine. Everything has to be encrypted by May 25th. You need to get GDPR certified before you are allowed to touch data.

All of these statements about the GDPR are false. If you want to know what the GDPR is and is not and how it will impact your life as a techie, then this presentation is for you :)

Frank Louwers

I have been an IT Expert with business and management experience for over 15 years. During my studies, I co-founded a Managed Linux hosting company, grew it from a part-time student-job to one of the top-5 hosting companies in our country, and successfully sold to a European hosting group.

I am currently working a freelance consultant designing cloud architectures and SDN/SDWan networks for medium to large organisations and advising two Cloud SaaS startups.

I am a co-founder of, an online tool that allows small organisations to comply with the mandatory paperwork for the GDPR.

My presentation is not a sales pitch or demo for GDPR Butler.

Twitter: @frank_be (mostly Dutch)