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Using the Belgian eID under Linux.


The Belgian electronic identity card is a smartcard issued to every Belgian citizen; technically similar cards are also issued to certain permanent non-citizen residents.

It has been possible to do everyone one would want to do with an eID card, under Linux, and even more. This talk wants to explain not just how the pieces fit together, but also how one can use the middleware in interesting ways with various other pieces of software, under Linux.

We'll also have a short look at the server side of things.


Wouter Verhelst has been a Debian Developer since 2001 and a freelance free software consultant since 2003. When he first heard about the eID card way back in 2004, his first reflex was to go buy a cardreader, play with the software, and upload it to Debian.

More recently, his day job employs him as a consultant for Fedict, the government body responsible for supporting the electronic identity card, as a member of the team responsible for maintaining the eID middleware.