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LOADays stands for Linux Open Administration Days and is also referred to as LOAD.

This is an event geared towards Linux and Unix sysadmins and people interested in Free Open Source Linux and Unix system administration, configuration and deployment.

With this event we want to provide a platform for Linux and Unix SysAdmins to get together and share their knowledge and tools.

This is a free event, and therefore there's no entrance fee !


  • Geert Goossens (Verizon)
  • Kenny Gryp (Percona)
  • Kris Buytaert (Inuits)
  • Robert Keersse (Don Bosco Werken en Leren)
  • Toshaan Bharvani (VanTosh)
  • Vincent Van der Kussen (Connective)

Archived sites

We created static versions of the sites from the previous editions.