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Call for Presentations LOADays 2018!

The Call for Presentations, Workshops, Ignites are open for submission. The CfP will be open until 2th of March 2018. We decided to run the CfP in git, more specificaly gitlab. Please follow the following process.

Using a Merge Request by following the next steps :

  • Fork the gitlab project
  • Create a new branch
  • Add your proposal to the talk/ or worshop/ or ignite/ dir, a "template" is available (
  • Add you biopgraphy to the speaker/ dir, a "template" is available (
  • Send us a Merge Request again the main master project
  • If you get a 404 error, please do not panic, you cannot see your own MR and gitlab doens't know what to show.

more information on CfP page